Frequently Asked Questions

How much space is needed for a photo booth?

Each of our booth options has different space requirements. Please make sure you discuss these requirements with your venue. The larger the available space, the better.

Social Roamer:
There are no space requirements since our attendant roams the party and your guests can send their files to their cell phone. WiFi is recommended but not required. When the roamer is near adequate WiFi it will automatically start uploading files.

Social Selfie Station:
Minimum of 4ft x 6ft is recommended for the station only. If props are added more space will be required.

Open Air Booth (indoor):
We require a minimum of 10ft x 10ft for the open air booth but we can downsize slightly if needed (you may lose some props). The ideal space is 12ft x 12ft.

Open Air Booth (outdoor):
If you are renting a tent canopy from CPB: 10ft x 15ft
If you are providing shelter: 10ft x 10ft minimum, 12ft x 12ft preferred.

Enclosed Curtain Booth:
A minimum of 10ft x 10ft is required, but we prefer 12ft x 12ft. Enclosed curtain booths are not available for outdoor events.

LED Inflatable Enclosed Booth:
A minimum of 12ft x 12ft is required. This booth is not available for outdoor events.

Wedding Spectacular Booth:
A minimum of 12ft x 12ft is required unless the scrap book will not be located near the photo booth. A 15ft x 15ft space is preferred.

360 Video Booth:
A minimum of 10ft x 10ft is required, but 12ft x 12ft is preferred.

How long does it take to set up and tear down?

Set up time depends on the type of booth you have selected.

Open Air or Enclosed Photo Booth:
2 hours prior to the booth operating start time.

360 Video:
1.5 hours prior to the 360 operating start time

Wedding Spectacular Booth:
3 hours prior to the booth operating start time.

Social Selfie Station:
1 hour prior to the station operating start time.

Social Roamer:
30 minutes prior to the roaming start time.

Tear down for most booths is 45 minutes to an hour.

If your venue has a precise time that vendors must be out of the building please make sure you give us enough time for tear down when you choose the number of hours for your booth!

How many actual hours does your booth run? Does the rental time include set up and tear down?

We set up prior to the booth operating start time (please see “How long does it take to set up and tear down”) and the booth will be available to your guests for the number of hours you have rented.

However, we do not run the booth during food services for weddings and some corporate events, so that needs to be considered when you choose your operating time.

For example, a 4 hour booth can be open during cocktail hour (if it is in the same location as your reception) and then close for introductions and food services. After dinner services the booth will open again for 3 hours. Your event timeline will determine how many hours you should consider for your photo booth.

Idle time fees will apply for early set up requests.

Why do you usually close your booth during wedding food services?

We do this for two reasons:

  1. It is usually a waste of your money since your guests are in the buffet line or seated to eat.
  2. We require vendor meals for our attendants. With travel, set up and tear down we might be on location for 8 hours or more.

If you absolutely want us to operate the booth during that time, we will (but we still require vendor meals).

What is the idle time / early set up fee?

This fee is for the idle time between booth set up and booth operating start time. It will depend on the location of your event.

For example:
You want your booth operating after dinner services for 3 hours but want us to set up prior to your reception or ceremony start time. Our attendants must remain onsite until your booth services are ended. The fee does not apply to dinner services, but vendor meals are required.

Do you charge a deposit?

We charge a $125, non-refundable*, retainer at the time of quote acceptance. This fee reserves your date and requested services. The retainer amount will be deducted from your full balance due.

Your date is not guaranteed as available until the retainer fee is paid.

*Cancelled events will not receive a refund of the retainer fee unless we replace that event with another booking. Cancellations within 14 days of the event date will not be refunded.

Can your booths send digital images?

Our booth kiosks and the social roamer can instantly send images via text as long as WiFi access is available. If no WiFi is available, it will send images later. We can also provide a QR code for your online gallery if needed.

The 360 video requires WiFi access in order to share video files. If no WiFi access is available we will provide a QR code for you and your guests to view and download their videos within 24 to 48 hours.

Do you offer any discounts or donations?

Cuse Photo Booths offers 10% military and first responder discounts. Any other discounts or donations are at our discretion.

I found the same service at a cheaper price. Will you give me a deal?

We will consider price matching on a case by case basis. Our pricing is comparable to other companies that offer the same services. Feel free to let us know the price you were quoted and we will let you know.

Are you insured?

Cuse Photo Booths (MDG Images, Inc) is fully insured. If your venue, company or organization requires proof of insurance, let us know and we will email the necessary certificate of insurance.

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